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"Who do you like more?"

Your life turns upside down when your mother asks you that simple question.

What will happen when love starts to bloom between you and your close friends?

Who will you choose?

Your childhood friend?
His best friend?
Or neither?

Love Blossom was first released in 2009 to celebrate My-Neoromace's third anniversary. It was rushed, it was rough, but we made it.

One year later, we decided to give the game some love and revamped it taking into consideration the comments we received with the first release.


Story: Moe - litewolf

Art: Moe

Programming: litewolf

Sound Effects: Parterns In Rhyme - OSA © 2006

Backgrounds: mao space - Kaikei Sozai Mise

Font: MayflowerAntique Dieter Steffman@typOasis

Made with Ren'py


Takahashi Yuji

  • I have no plans today, I'll go
  • I have plans this evening with Yuji
  • I like Yuji
  • Ask both of them to go out
  • Of course roller coaster!!
  • I want to look after Yuji
    • I love Yuji ---> Yuji's good ending
    • I love Shinichi --> Shinichi's bad ending

Arisaka Shinichi

  • I'm sorry, I'll pass
  • I forgot my notebook in classroom
  • I like Shinichi
  • Ask both of them to go out
  • I want to go to the haunted house
  • I'll go chase Shinichi
    • I love Yuji ---> Yuji's bad ending
    • I love Shinichi --> Shinichi's good ending

3P ending and No one ending

  • Rotate answers between the two guys
  • When the mother asks, say you like them both
  • Not asking them to the amusement park leads to the No one ending
  • After the rooftop events, choose "I like them both equally"

Tanaka Daisuke #1 + Friendship endings

  • After obtaning Yuji and Shinichi's good endings, start a new game
  • I'll eat in the classroom
  • I forgot my notebook in classroom
  • Walk away
  • Help him
    • I love Yuji --> Yuji's friendship ending
    • I love Shinichi --> Shinichi's friendship ending
    • I love Mr.Tanaka
      • The teacher's lounge --> Tanaka's ending
      • I better go home before it gets dark --> Tanaka's bad ending

Tanaka Daisuke #2

  • After obtaining Tanaka's ending, play his route once more
  • At the final choice, choose "I better go home before it gets dark"


  • Gallery
    • After unlocking Tanaka, eat on the rooftoop for a new CG
    • Obtaining all CGs will unlock an extra CG in the gallery
  • After Stories
    • Clear all major endings to open all the after stories
Published Jul 26, 2015
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsDating Sim, Multiple Endings, Otome, renpy, Romance
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Love Blossom Extended (All Platforms) 58 MB
Love Blossom Extended (Windows) 44 MB
Love Blossom Extended (Mac/OSX) 43 MB
Love Blossom Extended (Linux) 44 MB
Banners 299 kB

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